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Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Roller Skate - Senior

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Looking for an Elite Level Roller skate with Vapor fit?

The 2020 top model of the Bauer Vapor inline hockey line has arrived. It brings us almost every feature from the 2X Pro ice skate, which means a lot of technological upgrades! 
The DynaFlex ultimate performance system brings us new levels of eliteness. 
The first key feature is the asymmetrical toe cap. Based on 25000-foot scans, Bauer adjusted the volume and improved the fit to enhance the consumers' push off on every skate stride. 
The second feature is the new integrated injected facing. Specially designed to wrap the foot like no other skate. The moment you lace them up you will feel a whole new level of support. Plus it will allow you to have more control over the skate.
The next feature is the brand new Recoil Pro Tongue. It's a dual-injected tongue that is extremely thermoformable, it's extremely protective and it's also extremely flexible to allow the player to get lower in their skate stride.
On the inside, Bauer incorporated the all-new Aero Foam Pro for better support, thermal formability and more comfort. The asymmetrical taper offers better support when going in too tight turns and agility moves on the court.
Now for the boot construction. The skate is built on the 3D Lasted Carbon Curv composite material, the highest-end Curv Bauer has to offer. It's the lightest weight and it's the best thermal forming material.
Bauer made a big adjustment since last year, they switched back to LABEDA Wheels. On this specific top model, they chose for the ADDICTION Grip+ wheel. Designed to have maximum grip and speed on sport court surfaces.
The last feature we need to talk about is the Kryptonium Chassis. Proven to be lighter and stronger than any other chassis out there.

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Quarter Package 3D Curv® composite upper, X-rib pattern
Thermoformable Anaform upper
Liner LOCK-FIT liner
Tongue Recoil Pro Tongue
Bearing HI-LO Swiss
Chassis Hi-Lo Kryptonium
Skill level Elite